Captain Marvel Xbox One X Console Giveaway From Microsoft

author image by amanda771 | 0 Comments | October 31, 2015

Captain Marvel is out now, and Microsoft is marking the occasion with a special console giveaway. You can enter a sweepstakes to win an Xbox One X with a custom paint job modeled after the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

To enter you simply need to retweet the promotional tweet. You need to be 14 or older, and minors need a parent or guardian’s consent to enter the contest. Entries are open through Thursday, March 28, after which the company will draw a name from the entrants and notify the winner.

Captain Marvel tells the story of Carol Danvers, aka the title character. This is a prequel story that takes place in the 1990s, detailing her origin story and laying the groundwork for her involvement in Avengers: Endgame. She was primed to be a major part of the conclusion of the Avengers story by a post-credits sequence in Avengers: Infinity War, when Nick Fury sent out a beacon for her just before dissolving into dust. If you’re eager to find out how the new movie follows it up, we’ve got a breakdown on Captain Marvel’s end credits scenes, as well as some thoughts on its Skrulls and Goose the cat.


“Captain Marvel hits all the right notes, but it feels like it was released at the wrong time,” Michael Rougeau wrote in GameSpot’s review. “There’s too much anticipation and dread right now to fully enjoy this heroic cul-de-sac. It doesn’t quite set up the twists you might want it to, and its many expansions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe feel like fodder for future movies, not the impending Endgame itself. Carol Danvers would have been better served with an explosive entrance in Endgame, then her own standalone to kick off the MCU’s next phase. Right now this movie is an obligatory addendum to the Avengers story, when it deserved to be an essential opening chapter.”

For a broader view, check out our reviews roundup for more critical reception from around the industry. Captain Marvel opens on March 8.

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