Fortnite Removes Fan-Created Map Area Due to Not ‘Adhering’ to Guidelines

author image by amanda771 | | 0 Comments | April 14, 2019

Fortnite has removed the latest fan-created The Block choice because it appears to have featured a Mysterious Mansion that had an area that depicted a suicide scene.

As reported by Polygon, creator FuryLeak’s Mysterious Mansion was featured in Fortnite’s The Block beginning on April 2. FuryLeak tweeted out a walkthrough of his creation and in one area there is a chair tipped to the side with a character model hanging from a ceiling.

The actual mansion that made it into Fortnite did not feature the character model, but it did still have the tipped over chair and rope, as seen in a screenshot taken by Reddit user u/req-q.

Reddit via u/req-q

Shortly after the mansion was added to Fortnite, the game was quietly updated and the mansion was replaced with a previous The Block submission – Tropical Treetops. Since The Block debuted, no previous submission has been featured more than once.

FuryLeaks spoke to Polygon and says “it’s all a misunderstanding,” and that “the house was supposed to depict the aftermath of an earthquake that destroyed the interior.”

“The chair was supposed to hang on the rope, but it fell down,” FuryLeaks said. “I made a joke on a little cinematic with someone hanging their self… but… yeah. Actually it wasn’t supposed to look like that.”

IGN reached out to Epic for a comment, and they replied, “This creator’s content was removed from the Block because it did not adhere to our content creation guidelines.”

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