Guide: The Best Micro SD Cards For Nintendo Switch

author image by amanda771 | | 0 Comments | April 15, 2019

If you picked up a Nintendo Switch recently and have downloaded a number of games, it’s highly likely that you’ll be running out of internal storage space soon. Indeed, the console’s weakness is storage space, and the fact that there are just so many amazing games to experience. The Switch comes with just 32GB of internal storage space, of which only 25GB is actually accessible by the end user.

That’s such a low amount of space that certain games like NBA 2K19 and L.A. Noire won’t even fit on it. Heck, even if you buy most of your games physically you’ll still run into trouble eventually thanks to the many downloadable patches you’ll have to install to make them function properly.

The answer? You need to invest in a Micro SD card. Nintendo has embraced the industry standard for portable media storage and it’s relatively cheap to upgrade the amount of space your Switch has access to. Massive (and expensive) 1TB cards are on the way, which means smaller cards are becoming more reasonably priced. Even modest sizes offer a substantial upgrade over internal memory, so there’s never been a better time to get a cheap Micro SD card for Switch.

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Below, we’ve rounded up all of the best Micro SD cards you can get right now at the cheapest prices. The costs are steadily creeping down, so you might be surprised at how much bang you can get for your buck.

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