Job Listing Hints at Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Having Groundbreaking Graphics

Guerrilla Games put up a job listing for a Technical Vegetation Artist, and the post not only hints that the job is for a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, but that said sequel will have groundbreaking graphics.

The job description explicitly name-drops the title of the series. It says that Guerrilla has four different teams dedicated to working on and creating “stunning environments” for “Horizon.” Since Horizon Zero Dawn released three years ago, it’s probably safe to say that Guerrilla is hiring for a Horizon sequel.

As further proof, the post goes on to say that Guerrilla has dedicated one of the four teams to creating “lush and stunning vegetation.” Vegetation in this instance would, of course, be referring to woodland environments, so things like forests, jungles, etc. Out of the two present-day games that Guerrilla is known for — Killzone and Horizon Zero DawnHorizon is the only one that utilizes woodlands. They facilitated the game’s stealth features, and make up a large part of its lore.

The post’s description then wraps up, stating that Guerrilla Games builds its 3D models from scratch and that doing so allows its “world dressing teams” to deliver its immense world with “industry-benchmark graphics.” One thing Horizon Zero Dawn received praise for was its graphics. Critics and players alike loved it.

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The engine Horizon used to pull this off was Decima, and Horizon Zero Dawn‘s sequel will probably use the same. However, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will more than likely end up on the PlayStation 5, a system that should have far superior graphical capability than the PS4. Guerrilla, then, should be able to push Horizon‘s graphical prowess even further than before, hence the “industry benchmark” description.

This job posting also happens to be the second time that Guerrilla has asked for a Technical Vegetation Artist. What’s interesting about this current one, however, is the wording. Its the exact same as the previous post except for one significant difference: this post specifically name-drops “Horizon,” whereas the last post didn’t. This might mean that Guerrilla Games is close to having enough content developed for an official Horizon Zero Dawn 2 confirmation. It’s been nearly six months since the original posting, so a reasonable amount of time has passed.

Beyond that, Guerrilla has posted several other job listings hinting at Horizon Zero Dawn 2. The latest one is looking for a Lead Animator with proficiency in animating animals.


Horizon Zero Dawn is available now for PS4.

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