Nintendo Celebrates Mario Day With Lots Of Mario Game Discounts (North America)

author image by amanda771 | | 0 Comments | April 14, 2019

Nintendo is gearing up for its Mario Day celebrations (10th March, or ‘MAR 10’) by offering discounts on a number of juicy titles featuring everyone’s favourite moustachioed plumber. Unless you’re a Luigi fan like us.

There are eight games up for grabs in total, ranging from sports games to platformers and everything in between. The discounts are available through the North American My Nintendo rewards system; as always, you can take advantage of these discounts by simply using the required Gold or Platinum My Nintendo Points listed below.

  • [3DS] 30% off Mario Kart 7: 450 Platinum Points
  • [3DS] 30% off Mario Sports Superstars: 90 Gold Points
  • [3DS] 40% off Mario Golf: World Tour: 600 Platinum Points
  • [3DS] 40% off Mario Tennis Open: 120 Gold Points
  • [3DS] 40% off Paper Mario: Sticker Star: 120 Gold Points
  • [Wii U / 3DS] 40% off Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars: 400 Platinum Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off Mario Strikers Charged: 400 Platinum Points
  • [Wii U] 30% off Super Mario 3D World: 300 Platinum Points

Interestingly, a 40% discount on Sparkle Snapshots 3D has also been included in the Mario Day celebration roundup (some Mario references are included in backgrounds and frames within the game, but it seems like a bit of a stretch to us). You can get the discount for 120 Platinum Points if you’re interested.

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On top of all of this, Nintendo is also offering a printable Mario Bingo game, printable game party invites, and gift card envelopes, perfect for anyone looking to host their own party or gathering on Mario Day itself. You can check them all out for yourself here.

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