Steam Summer Sale 2019 dates have leaked, and it’s beginning on 25 June

Probably the best part of being a PC gamer – apart from unmatched graphics, intelligent AI, and precise controls – is experiencing the sales happening throughout the year, especially Steam Sales. And as happens every year, the dates have apparently leaked before the official announcement. Discounted games and game bundles in this year’s Steam Summer Sale will start from 25 June at 10.30 pm IST.

Steam Summer Sale 2019 dates have leaked, and it’s beginning on 25 June

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The leak comes from Steam China stating that the summer sale will begin at 1 am on 25 June in Beijing time and end at 1 am on 10 July. That converts to 25 June at 10.30 pm in IST and it will end on 9 July at 10.30 pm IST.

Steam Sales are when your wallet suffers the most and your library expands dramatically. Although it feels like the sales have lost their charm over the years, I will be looking forward to completing my Steam library collection rather than buying games that I would actually sit down to play.

Earlier, there used to be flash sales or time-limited sales where the discount would disappear after a specified time. It did make me buy more games, but I’m glad they’ve gotten rid of the system because it also meant losing out on some great deals. This means the discounts will be present throughout the sale and not just for a limited amount of time.

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While I go back to my library to check what classic PC games are missing, it would be best if you started working on that wishlist before the sales kick off. When the sale does begin, we’ll keep you covered on the best deals and recommendations on PC games.

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