Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition Refurbished

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Console are refurbished not new, the console will be fully functional with one-month warranty other accessories also working like controller power outlet AV cables, etc


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You can go back in time to the roots of video games with the Nintendo Entertainment System Deluxe gray console. This classic Nintendo is a legend from the 1980s. This NES system can make gaming simple and fun for all ages. If you are looking for the perfect retro gift for your kids or someone young at heart, this system could be the perfect choice. You can let NES bring the original video game experience to your family. You can turn on the NES and let your kids enjoy “Super Mario Bros” for the first time. Mario and Luigi can jump right into their hearts. You can also introduce them to Mega Man, the legend that led to over 50 games spanning almost 30 years. You can watch their joy as they see Donkey Kong and his barrel bashing, or return to the roots of role-playing games with “Final Fantasy.” If you prefer traditional fighting games, you can try “Double Dragon.” You can test your survival skills with “Ice Climber.” You can reminisce about mall arcades with NES games like “Bubble Bobble” or “Tecmo Bowl.” These classic Nintendo games are only available on NES, which uses 8 bit graphics to depict your favorite characters completing goals or winning points. The system comes with 2 kB of RAM, which may be expanded with a console specific cartridge, as well as 256 bytes of OAM. The processing power of this console lets up to 64 sprites from your favorite game be displayed at once. Setting up your Nintendo console can be easy with no complicated accessories needed. You can connect your NES console to your television using a A/V or RCA cable. You can insert your game cartridge into the game slot, and start playing by following the prompts on your screen using the controller. The Nintendo controller has a simple look that complements the gray, black, and red system. The classic four arrow navigational panel lets you easily move through the game. The red “A” and “B” buttons are easy to use to control your character.



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