Sega Genesis 2 Black Console Refurbished

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Console are refurbished not new, the console will be fully functional with one-month warranty other accessories also working like controller power outlet AV cables, etc


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Get back to the origins of console gaming with the Sega Genesis 2 Black Console. Its sleek design and no-nonsense style make this model a good addition to any collection. This console offers you all of the technology Sega is known for in a small package, so it won’t take up space in your entertainment setup. A Motorola 68000 CPU runs at a rate of 7.67 MHz. It handles both 8-bit and 16-bit programs with ease. This Genesis version, also known as the Sega Mega Drive 2, features a 16-bit graphics processor. That means graphics load quicker than on its 8-bit counterparts. With 64KB of available RAM, the system can access and process information at a faster rate. Sega has made ports a priority on this model. Two controller ports make it easy to attach your joysticks or standard gaming controllers. These controllers feature a directional pad and selected buttons. A traditional power adapter port accommodates the included power plug. The audio/video port provides a hookup for the special Sega adapter. It can be used with TVs that have audio/video (a/v) connectors. No matter which connection is used, the Mega Drive Genesis produces stereo quality sound. And the system requires no additional accessories to do so. The high-quality sound brings new life to old components and ensures every pop or whisper is clearly understood. Compatibility is important in the design of the original Sega Genesis 2 Black Console. Designers ensured the model would be a suitable part of the company’s line of mega games. This version is compatible with the Sega CD system games as well as Genesis 1 ROM cartridge games. Cartridges perfectly fit into the provided slot. Plugin the Sega CD system to accommodate disk titles from that system. The Mega Drive Genesis is made for plug-and-play compatibility with the CD device. Sega Genesis model cables simplify every connection to the master system. It’s also built to accommodate a range of popular accessories, such as skins and multiple controller adapters.